Landlord Guide

Wer Investments Limited are members of the Property Redress Scheme (PRS) Client Money Protection is provided by CMP Protect

A Brief Guide to Services:

• Advice on letting your property

• Rental evaluation, provision of property details with colour photographs

• Advertising of your rental property in local publications/on our website

• Accompanied viewings and finding of a suitable Tenant 

• Status enquiries/reference and credit check of prospective Tenants 

• Obtaining security deposit/rent guarantee  

• Organising/preparing the Inventory and Check-In (additional charge) 

• Preparing Tenancy Agreement and Legal Notices 

• Advising on compliance with Safety Regulations for Gas/Electricity supplies etc.

• Collecting monthly rental payments and providing monthly accounting to Landlords 

• Arranging annual gas safety checks (chargeable) 

• Periodic inspection of the property and reporting of any problems 

• Obtaining competitive quotations and, upon approval, arranging for necessary repairs/maintenance to be carried out 

• Contacting the Tenant and arranging for renewals and/or check-out as necessary

The following Services are in addition and form the subject of an additional charge


Sole Agency 24% Inc. VAT (20% + VAT) 

Multi Agency 28.8% Inc. VAT (24% +VAT)

Sole Agency 31.2% Inc. VAT (26% + VAT)

Multi Agency 28.8% Inc. VAT (24% +VAT)

1.          Non Managed properties: Werinvestments will charge a fee of £120 Inc. VAT (£100 + VAT) to assist Landlords with arranging all or some of the following pre-Tenancy requirements; Gas Safety Record, Periodic Electrical Certificate, Portable Appliance Test, professional cleaning and an Inventory make and check in. The cost of each will be borne by the Landlord.

2.          Obtaining references: on a prospective Tenant is £36 inc VAT (£30+ VAT) per individual. This fee includes checking the passport, and visa of any foreign national where applicable.

3.          Key cutting: is available for a charge of £24 inc VAT (£20 + VAT) plus the cost of the keys.

4.          Preparation of our standard Tenancy Agreement: is £330 inc VAT (£275 + VAT) for a new Tenancy and £180 inc VAT (£150 + VAT) for preparation of our standard documentation for both a fixed term renewal, rent review and periodic Tenancy.

5.          Checking and making any alterations: requested by your solicitor to our standard Tenancy Agreement is £96 inc VAT (£80 + VAT) per hour or part of an hour.

6.          Preparation of documentation: for service of notices will be subject to a charge of £120 inc VAT (£100 + VAT). In addition the Landlord will be responsible for the invoice from the Solicitor where applicable.

7.          Visits during a void period: using our Vacant Property Management service will be £78 inc VAT (£60 + VAT) per visit. We would suggest one visit each month during office hours during the void period.

8.          Additional visits to the Property: including attendance as key holders for example meeting loss adjusters, surveyors and contractors can be carried out upon the written request of the Landlord and confirmation of payment of £72 inc VAT (£60 + VAT) per visit (for up to one hour), longer visits by arrangement.

9.          Fee for registration and membership of the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) is £60 inc VAT (£50 + VAT) paid in advance. The fee for the renewal of the DPS membership is £30 inc VAT (£25 + VAT).

10.       Preparation of documentation for DPS adjudication: will be subject to a fee of £144 inc VAT (£120 + VAT).

11.       Preparation of documentation for County Court proceedings: will be subject to a fee of £150 inc VAT (£125 + VAT); and attendance at court or any tribunal on your behalf will be charged at a fee of £150 inc VAT (£125 + VAT) per hour plus our reasonable costs and expenses.

12.       If it is agreed between Werinvestments  and the Landlord that additional work should be undertaken, which is not part of any of the above services, the remuneration shall be by written agreement between the parties. Additional work may include services of a specialist advisor and management of the Property during extended void periods. Our fee is 12% inc VAT (10% + VAT) subject to a minimum of £600 inc VAT (£500 + VAT) of the total work.

13.       Non-resident in the UK: and does not have a tax approval number from HMRC we will charge £150 inc VAT (£120 + VAT) annually to cover the cost of compliance with HMRC Non-resident Landlords Scheme.

14.       Applying for consent to sublet from the Freeholder or Lender: is available for a charge of £180 inc VAT (£150 + VAT).

15.       Preparation of additional correspondence: is available for a fee of £60 inc VAT (£50 + VAT).

16.       Receiving and arranging to forward post: from the property is available for a fee of £60 inc VAT (£50 + VAT).

17.       Courier deliveries at cost.

Handling insurance claims: where we are required to lodge and oversee a claim we will charge 12% inc VAT (10% + VAT) of the claim 

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